* Ingredients :

°2 (eight ounce) pack soft cream cheese

°1-2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce (see notes)

°1 teaspoon garlic powder

°half of teaspoon onion powder

°three chopped onions

°half of pound cooked white crab meat, peeled or diced

°eight-10 egg rolls

°vegetable oil for frying


In a food processor, cream Worcestershire cheese sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, and onions several times till combined.

Stir in crab meat.Lay one egg roll with its nook going through you. Place approximately 3 rounded tablespoons withinside the middle of every wrapper, forming a brief horizontal block.

Bring the nook closest to you up and lightly insert it. Fold sides and wrap. Use a small quantity of water to stable the end of the wrapper. (If you do not know a way to roll an egg roll, it typically shows at the pack with pictures).

Heat oil in a saucepan  to 375 degrees. Fry them 2-three at a time (relying on the dimensions of the pan) for 1-2 mins or till they flip mild brown.

Allow warmness to recharge among batches. Lay it out on paper towels to filter.

Enjoy !

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